Grad Speech 2010

 Parents, Friends and Family of the Graduates and Graduates.

As you know, we are proudly hailed as the Wilfird Jury Wolves and to that end, our weekly memo was entitled, The Wolf Howl. Each week, we highlighted events from Inside the den (the office), we talked about the “cubs” (our students), what the pack (our staff) was doing and activities that we were worth “howling” about.

On numerous occasions we were able to share with others, the outstanding contributions of you, our intermediate students. Your dedication to learning that was exhibited in your classrooms, your leadership at various events, such as the Wil-lympics, your outstanding musical talent, your sportsmanship at various games and your contributions on various other school activities.

But tonight, it is our time to shooo you out of the den and into that world that awaits for you.

Did you know that throughout time the wolf has been praised as the King of the North American animal kingdom?

Well tonight you too are our Kings and Queens in a sense. You have reached the pinnacle position for a student at the elementary level. This is the highest grade, the last grade, you can go no further, you will be graduating tonight. The best Kings lead by example and so too so many of you had such attitudes towards your daily learning you were a positive example to all those around you.

The wolf has always been regarded as a creature of both beauty and mystery, thus deserving of both respect and fascination.

As a graduating class, you have earned the respect of your teachers (both past and present), our community, other schools when we visited their buildings or competed against them at sporting events ….. but most importantly ~ each other.

Did you know that wolves are one of the most adaptable of all animals and can live in a variety of habitats? We trust your time at Wilfrid Jury has prepared you for that adaptability. Your experiences throughout the primary grades, as you learned how to read and write and count, started you on your journey. As you entered the junior grades you were able to build upon those skills and your one sentence stories became well developed paragraphs. Now, in the intermediate division, those paragraphs have become stories. Your preliminary counting skills have developed into multi-step problem solving strategies, those days of putting together LEGO have developed into creating intricate structures and those days of learning to manipulate a computer mouse have evolved into Virtual Academy learning environments and impressive Comic Life presentations.

Rudyard Kipling, best known as the author of “The Jungle Book” once said” For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” Let me say that again ….. the STRENGTH of the Pack is the Wolf …..and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. If that is true (and I believe it is) then you are only strong individually if you are strong together as a group. This year you have proven yourself to be strong, both as individuals and as a class.

I am so thankful tonight that I was a part of your final year at Wilfrid Jury. You made my first year here at Jury very memorable. I will never forget you. You will be missed by the staff and by the students who will remain here next year.

And so, my cubs,……….. for one last time …………..~ remember your lessons well, believe in yourself, celebrate that excitement and give it one last howl! You’re done grade 8 – you’ve graduated – what a great accomplishment! We wish you well, as you leave the den.

My Dad had a ritual when I was young and living at home – when I would go out with my friends, my dad use to say ..”Remember your name!” that’s all he’d say. But I knew what that meant! What he really meant was be good, be honourable, be kind ….don’t disgrace the family name. And so my cubs ….“remember your name” Because you were here, the name Wilfrid Jury will go with you wherever you go. Do us proud. Do yourself proud. Family and friends! Join me as we congratulate once again our students tonight – the Graduating Classes of Wilfrid Jury for 2010 ….