images (4) Dave Fife has been a colleague and friend for many years ~ I first met him as I started in my  role as a school administrator and he started his role as an Information Technologies Learning  Coordinator. We have collaborated on a number of projects and presented together on the topic  of social media at both a board and provincial level.  Dave has been blogging for a number of  years and he regularly posts “Tweets of the Week”.  For the month of June, he is taking the  “one a day” challenge.

Here is his first blog for the month of June ~ Inspiration

Here are my comments

I have no doubt that you will have many travellers in your blogging journey this month. You have an incredible “following” already and I’m sure that they are anxiously awaiting to see what resonates with you and what you find inspiring enough to blog about. Many of us already look forward to your Tweets of the Week.
The fear of not knowing what to write about is one that I experienced a couple of times last month. Just like you, I started the month with a number of skeleton ideas which needed a body and an accessory of poignant questions or controversy. At times I suffered from not writer’s block but writer’s barrage… Too many ideas and not enough patience to let them germinate into well developed posts. At other times, I suffered from watching the clock hit midnight and still having nothing in the “can” for the next morning. Thank goodness for my late night buddies who would engage me in a conversation which helped to solidify an idea. I also started my annual spring “let’s get outside and walk” routine, but this year I added my iPhone as an accessory, instead of a water bottle. I found myself dictating ideas and sometimes almost completed posts, which just needed some tweaking and then posting.
You have hit the nail on the head when you said that now you have a reason to be more “present” and “observant”. Just like your wonderfully trained photographer’s eye, your writer’s eye will constantly be on the lookout for the next post idea.

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I can’t wait for my daily dose of Perspectives.