From a Simple Sign Comes a Smile

Massoud Adibpour from Washington DC., took the simple concept of a holding a sign in public and turned into a way of touching the lives of strangers.  I came across the following YouTube video via a Twitter link and was instantly inspired by how such a simple act could have such a powerful impact

 We spend our days dutifully following the directions of signs; the hexagonal red STOP sign, the NO PARKING sign, the ONE WAY sign, the DO NOT ENTER sign and the list goes on and on.

Yet, how many of us would “Honk if you Love Someone”, “Don’t be So Hard on Yourself” or my favourite, “Make Today Count”?

 Massoud shared some of the emails that he received from strangers sharing how seeing his signs made a difference in their lives.  People would purposefully drive along a stretch of the road, knowing that they would pass his sign and begin their day with a smile.

 If a sign from a complete stranger can have such a powerful impact on one’s life, imagine what receiving a sign from someone who knows you and cares about you would mean? We all know the feeling of receiving a positive text message or a #FF from a friend or loved one.  One of the positive aspects of our technologically rich world is the ability to instantly reach out and connect with others. Yet, Adibpour did not go techno with his message, he simply took a marker and a large piece of cardboard. It was not how he shared it, but the fact that he saw a need to bring a smile into the lives of complete strangers.

 Now imagine a school where each day everyone was greeted with a sign that gave them hope and inspiration for a positive day of learning?

 What would that sign say?


One thought on “From a Simple Sign Comes a Smile

  1. The title for your post couldn’t be more true.

    On the last day before the Christmas holidays I found a few of these “signs” on my classroom door and they completely erased the negative of the fall and made me remember all the smiles and successes…. a few words can make a HUGE difference.

    I decided that in January I would randomly pick one of my small groups and put a note out on the table for each of them to read before we start (or send them off with one at the end). A few of the notes that I have for tomorrow are:
    – I have missed your enthusiasm for reading over the break and can’t wait to hear what you have to share today
    – You had so many interesting questions about Holidays around the world before the break, I am looking forward to hearing what you learned over the break (remind me to show you a neat video I found for my daughter)
    – I used your multiplication strategy over the break with my friends daughter, she wanted me to thank you!

    I find myself looking forward to reconnecting with so many different learners and seeing where our adventures over the break and conversations will take us. Their smiles will be a fabulous way to start the year, thanks for sharing this.

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