Because It’s 2015

download It was the mid ‘70s and our basement office was adorned  with two large posters  ~ one was David Cassidy and  the  other was Pierre Elliott Trudeau.  Like most girls my  age, I was determined to be the one who would win the  heart of David Cassidy and be whisked away to be a  member of the Partridge Family.

The other poster  belonged to  my dad.  I don’t recall whether he purchased it himself  or it was a gift from someone who knew him well.  Needless to say, I grew up in a very Liberal household, where Pierre Elliott Trudeau held the same “superstar status” as teenage heart throbs.  So as one can imagine, the resurrection of the Liberal Party with the second generation of the Trudeau clan has been a cause for celebration for my dad and therefore I’m dedicating this post to him.Trudeau Election Poster

Last week, when Justin Trudeau was asked about his reason for selecting a gender equal cabinet, his response, “Because it’s 2015” was trending throughout social media within minutes.

There is such power in those three words and I wonder if we can use that same phrase and start a trending pattern of our own, in terms of learning and education.

Why should we incorporate the appropriate technological tools into our learning environments? Because it’s 2015

Why should we teach digital citizenship?  Because it’s 2015

Why should we replace weekly prescribed spelling lists with meaningful word study activities? Because it’s 2015

Why should we open our classroom doors and celebrate the opportunity to collaborate with other educators? Because it’s 2015

Why should we break down hierarchical levels within an organization and value the ideas of all invested members? Because it’s 2015

Why should we honour student voice and choice? Because it’s 2015

Why should we revision our idea of a traditional learning environment? Because it’s 2015

Why should we explore quality literature written in this century? Because it’s 2015

Why should we explore new ways to engage parents in contemporary assessment strategies, such as electronic portfolios? Because it’s 2015

Why should we provide our students with rich authentic tasks, which cannot be simply answered with a Google search?  Because it’s 2015


My list is by no means exhaustive…  I challenge you to add a question about education and learning which begs the answer “Because it’s 2015″

Come write with me…..

7 thoughts on “Because It’s 2015

  1. Engaging and promising ideas have been commented on already. Here’s some more:
    Why do assessment practices need to be synchronized with teaching best practices? Because its 2015 and our students are learning for the unknown future.

    Why do teachers need to engage in current best practices? Because its 2015 and our students are learning for the unknown future.

  2. Well said Sue and all of you who have added to Sue’s blog post.

    Why should we create lessons and activities that are accessible to all students? Because it’s 2015.

    Why should we create classrooms that help our children to become active global citizens? Because it’s 2015.

    Why should we recognize that all learners can learn if we give them the opportunity? Because it’s 2015.

    Thanks for providing me with a great provocation today!

    P.S. Have always, since I was about 6 been a Trudeau supporter! Needless to say, I have been thrilled over the past weeks as his son has transitioned to our new Prime Minister!

  3. Why should we embed Indigenous perspectives into all subject areas? Because it is 2105.

    Why should we build a larger sense of community in schools by inviting community partnerships? Because it is 2015.

    Why should we encourage student voice and choice in the classroom? Because it is 2015.

    Why should we as teachers take risks and step into new teaching practices? Because it is 2015.

    Why should we build on strengths of our students and teaching staff? Because it is 2015.

    Why should we promote and utilize the skills and teaching expertise of classroom teaching staff in our system? Because it is 2015.

    Why should we be using social media to grow our PLNs? Because it is 2015.

  4. I tweeted this one as a reply, but I need more than 140 characters to explain 🙂

    For my response, I’m putting on my parent hat and not my teacher hat.

    I would add a homework “rethink” on this list. I’m not saying get rid of it entirely. But I can think of so many more engaging things I would like to do to support my daughters in learning other than math worksheets and memorizing dictations. I would love to play a math game, be given a video or website we could explore and discuss or just use the time to read together (which we do anyways). I have to admit that homework is a source of conflict at our house. I am grateful that the school gives us from Mon – Friday to get it all done. Because there are some nights where we are too busy, other nights where either my kids or I are too tired. The flexibility to get to it when we can is certainly appreciated.

  5. Why should we release the control and allow student interest to guide the learning? Because it’s 2015!

    Why must we create environments where technology and inquiry fuse together with collaboration ? Because it’s 2015!

    Why should we teach human and cultural diversity ? Because it’s 2015!

  6. Why should we begin our instructional planning with deep understanding of the assets and ambitions of each student rather than a curriculum document? Because it’s 2015.

    Why should we be committed to equity and inclusion in education? Because it’s 2015.

    Why should diversity be valued as a natural resource in the classroom? Because it’s 2015.

    Why should educators and community organizations work hand-in-hand to support marginalized students and those living in conditions of poverty? Because it’s 2015.

  7. Why should we tweet the good things that we are doing in classrooms EVERY DAY? Because it’s 2015!

    From this week’s tweets from our classroom…
    1. CTV became interested in our new class business we are starting to raise money for Syria and came to do a feature story on it! It was shown on CTV affiliate stations across Canada!
    2. Our Grade 6-8 students received a special invitation to participate in a HIGH SCHOOL mock UN assembly in Tillsonburg to debate resolutions on Syria, the topic we have been studying since September.
    3. A kind stranger dropped off an entire kit of turquoise and silver beading materials to donate towards our class business, saying, “What a wonderful idea! I wanted to do something to help and I am very impressed with what these young people are doing!”
    4. The orders for our class charity craft store have been piling in before we have even made our website live!

    Yesterday we were reading and watching videos about John Gallagher, the Canadian who was killed in Syria this week while fighting ISIS. We wrote letters to the family, and I chose to tweet one very special one because the boy who wrote it has not written much of anything all year- but yesterday he was inspired. I later got a tweet back from John Gallagher’s sister telling me that they were moved by the student’s letter and wanted to extend their personal thanks to the student. I can’t tell you how much that made the day of that student and his mom. One tweet can be a huge game changer! #TeamTwitter

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