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A year ago, it was a song performed at church which inspired my #oneword16 ~ Unwritten.  In reflecting upon the year, it was indeed a well-chosen word.  It became a constant reminder to not let memorable moments go “unwritten”. It also became the mantra for our GENTLE Reception Center, the implementation book on such an undertaking had been “unwritten” ~ and it was through this work that we truly lived in a world of innovative, caring and compassionate practice.  As we close out 2016, I find myself on the verge of a new adventure that a year ago I could never have imagined writing about.

So, with my new adventure in mind, as well as celebrating and respecting the work of the past four years, I’ve selected the word IMAGINE as my #oneword17
Imagine a literacy conference with an inspirational keynote and powerful presentations by some of Thames Valley’s finest educators and LITCon was born ~ I can only imagine how incredible LitCon17 will be.

Imagine a K-12 Newcomer Reception Center, where all of the needs of newcomer students and their families are met and GENTLE was born ~ I can only imagine how what we learned from GENTLE will inform future decisions

Imagine a social media platform where Thames Valley administrators freely share the
ir thoughts, ideas and inspire each other to be better and @tvdsbopc was born ~ I can only imagine the power of this professional learning network as we continue to grow our “followership” in 2017.

As I begin to shift my focus to the opening a new school, my list of “imagines” builds on successes from the past and exciting possibilities for the future.

Imagine a school community where all students feel loved, respected and challenged by the staff.

Imagine a school community where new ideas are embraced, encouraged and expected.

Imagine a school community where parents know they were valued partners in their child’s education journey.

Imagine a school community that is so proud of their work that they open their doors to educators from other schools to learn alongside of others

Imagine a school community that embraces curiosity, collaboration and expects students to contribute to the world around them.

Imagine a school community where educators know they are valued for their diversity, their commitment to personal growth and their love of teaching.

Imagine a school community with a shared vision of creating a place of learning, unlike any other school.

As you look towards a new year, new experiences and new possibilities what will your #oneword be?

Come write with me….

One thought on “#oneword17 ~ Imagine

  1. Congratulations on such a remarkable year, Sue. You lead by example, yet exhibit the kind of flexibility and “go-with-flowedness” (another invented word). I admire and respect your form of leadership. One that strikes vision with action.
    Here’s what I imagine…IMAGINE working in this new school you speak of. What an opportunity.
    Thank you for your leadership, and for sharing your journey.

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