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As I navigate my way into the first few weeks of 2019 and ponder which word will guide my actions, thoughts and interactions with others, I can’t help but reflect on my
past 3 #oneword selections.  In 2016 my selected word, “Unwritten” was inspired by a Natasha Bedingfield song which was showcased at church one morning and immediately made an impact.  January 2017 was when I found out that I had been selected as the administrator to open a brand new school, so “Imagine” became my mantra through hundreds of decisions.   2018’s word was “Courage,” which started as a professional battle cry, but within a month became a personal mantra as I worked my way back to strength and mobility.

So, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to select “Present” as my word for 2019. I love the English language, especially when the same word has multiple meanings ~ and “present” is one of those such unique words as demonstrated in this classic clip from The Big Bang Theory!

In the upcoming year I want to ensure that I am intentionally “present” for all of the wonderful individuals in my life ~ both personally and professionally.  May I continue to remember to leave the tasks on the back burner and the talks with others front and center.

Over the past several years I’ve learned that I’m most fulfilled when I’m invited to “present”. Whether it’s to share a meaningful Read Aloud with a class or a Number Talk.  Whether it’s leading a discussion with new administrators or teacher candidates. Whether it’s facilitating PQP modules or travelling to the Dominican Republic to work alongside of our DR mentors.  In the upcoming year I want to ensure that I continue to seek out new and purposeful opportunities to “present”.

I’m very excited about the upcoming year ~ many magnificent events in the works.  With all of the potential celebrations, I need to continually remind myself to slow down, breath and enjoy the “present”.  In the upcoming year I want to ensure that I remember to appreciate the present and not wish it away.

And finally, in the upcoming year, I want to ensure that I’m cognizant and open to the “presents” which may at first be disguised as challenges, disappointments or forks in the road.

So, here’s to 2019 ~ May it be filled with many presents; enjoyed in the present by being present!

Have you selected your #oneword for 2019?

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2 thoughts on “Oneword 2019 ~ Present

  1. Thanks for sharing more of your personal life Sue. Makes us approachable as leaders. How is your #oneword going so far?

  2. Another fabulous post, Sue. What a fun way to play with your “one word” 😊! You can’t help but think the word was built to be that versatile, so someone would have the opportunity to use the word to its fullest. Someone like Sue Bruyns. All the best in 2019. We can’t wait to see and read about what’s in store.

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