Each Student Every Day

Last week, all of the Thames Valley administrators and superintendents met for our annual August gathering at the Board Office. During our time together, we discussed the new initiatives for the upcoming school year, the budget, capital planning and a new shoe policy for all employees, among other topics.  I truly enjoy that first meeting of the school year. It allows me the opportunity to network with my colleagues, catch up on summer news and get back into the swing of things for school improvement planning.

The morning session ended with an address from our Director, Bill Tucker. Some of you may remember him as a former principal at Wilfrid Jury ~ 10 or so years ago. Mr. Tucker is passionate about student learning and he inspires all of us to do our best in order to get the best out of our students. We have a vested interested in our children ~ They will be our future doctors, lawyers, mechanics, electricians and parents of the next generation.

Mr. Tucker shared with us, the new motto for Thames Valley ~ Each Student Every Day.  I believe in that phrase and I know that the staff that I work with on a daily basis believes it too. We ensure that our lessons meet the needs of all learners, those who find school challenging and those who excel. We ensure that our students are greeted with a smile each day ~ knowing that our staff are pleased that they are here and are ready for a productive day of learning. We ensure that we include character education as a part of our daily routines and we ensure that parents are respected as valuable partners in the school community at Wilfrid Jury.

As we continue throughout this school year, the phrase, “Each Student Every Day” will become a part of our culture!

Welcome Back!