For some people finding the right combination of flavours to throw together to create delicious dish is exhilarating. Both my daughter and my husband can watch the Food Channel for hours on end, “Ooooohing and Ahhhhing” over the mystical methods of the chefs as they combine a little bit of this and a little bit of that and Voila, create an instant masterpiece.  On the rare occasion that I stop and feign interest in their shows, I hear a little voice in the back of my head saying, “I’m sure that President’s Choice makes something very similar and the only skill set that I’d need is to know how to set the oven to the right temperature”.


There are others who know the right combination when it comes to interior design. They know which colours, which fabrics and which textures, when tastefully intertwined make a house look like a home.  My mom is one of those people.  Her eye for colour is second to none and each home that she has decorated (including mine) receives rave reviews.  I’m the one in line at the Home Depot with the entire can of paint in my hand trying to match it with something that looks right and then sweetly asking one of my kids to return it, when I get home and find out that it doesn’t look right at all.

So admittedly, I do not get excited about food combinations or colour combinations, but what does excite me is when I find a resource that combines big ideas in education and does it in a way that makes it all seem so possible.  That is masterful for me!

This week, I’ve been voraciously reading professional resources as I begin my journey to a new career, Learning Supervisor with Program Services ~ Languages Portfolio.  Of the dwindling pile, the one book that has resonated with me the most is Michael Fullan’s Stratosphere ~ Integrating Technology, Pedagogy and Change Knowledge.  I’ve been following Fullan for some time now and it was rare for him to include any reference to Information Technologies in his writings. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement, as he challenges his readers to find ways to incorporate BYOD into an engaging school environment and to employ those teachers who are further along the technology continuum to mentor and support their colleagues.  His references to the work of Apple and Google provide a contemporary component to the book and give us, in education, something to aspire to. Fullan has always been a strong proponent of Change and good solid pedagogy and this book continues in that vein.   All the technology in the world is not going to help us improve, unless teachers are empowering students to go out and apply what they’ve learned to real life problems ~ problems that they want solved.


Combinations….. What resource have you read lately that cohesively combined meaningful Big Ideas?


Come write with me…..

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