Two Birds… One Audible Stone

On more than one occasion, I’ve shared that I begin each day by reading Seth Godin’s Blog.  The topics are so well written that they appeal to a wide range of readers.  Even though the posts are not necessarily about education, I find many connections to the world of leadership and learning.  One of his most recent ones, Can An Audiobook Change Your Life?  planted the seed for this blog.  

About 6 years ago, a friend at the time lent me a copy of “The Life of Pi” on CD.  It was one of those “must read” books that everyone else seemed to know about.  So each morning, I would strap my CD player to my waist and begin my morning walk.  I became so intrigued with the book that on many days I would walk at night too.  I can vividly recall listening to the final chapter as I sat on my back deck, not wanting to turn it off but my legs were aching from so much walking I couldn’t take another step.  The power of the audiobook had hit me. 


I then turned to Gladwell’s,  The Outliers and Blink, as my walking CDs . In my mind I was killing two birds with one stone ~ fitness and fascinating facts. 

During the summer that I was taking my SOQP course, we needed to read a rather lengthy book on Emotional Intelligence.  In an effort to be more efficient with my time, I purchased the audiobook and listened to it as I drove back and forth for my course.  Again, killing two birds with one stone ~ driving and digesting  information.

In an effort to broaden my audiobook palate, I started to listen to novels and then whole series.  Some of my favourites are David Baldacci’s The Camel Club Series and James Patterson’s, The Women’s Murder Club. I can’t tell you exactly how many novels that I’ve listened to in the last 6 years, but I can still vividly recall so many of the characters, the intertwining plots and the unpredictable endings.   Again killing two birds with one stone ~ expanding my tastes and enjoyment

camel club

In the last 6 years, I’ve traded my bulky CD player for an iPod Shuffle,   listened to, more than I can recall, audiobooks  and I’m now downloading both professional and personal books directly to my iPhone.  I rarely turn on the car radio and find myself purposefully taking the long way home, just to listen to the final words in a chapter.    I couldn’t agree more with Seth when he challenges his readers to “just try it”.

Are you an audiobook listener?  Do you have any great recommendations?

 Come write with me…….