Reflections on Reflection!

6-9-2015 6-47-24 PM Sabrina Tyrer is new to the world of blogging and this is her second post as she explores the  value in making her thinking visible through this format.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet  Sabrina, only a few times in person, but I feel that through her presence on social media, she values  the role of the educator and deeply understands the power of documenting and sharing not only  her learning, but the learning of her students and her colleagues.  As she ventures into the role  of an Instructional Coach for the upcoming school year, I hope that she continues to add her  blog, with posts about the transition into the role, the role itself and the impact that system leadership can have at a school level.


Link to Sabrina’s latest post ~ End of the Year Reflections


My Comment:

Sabrina, you definitely have so much to be reflecting on which in and of itself speaks volumes to the learning opportunities that you afforded your students. When you think about it, how much reflection is going to occur as a result of a word search or a fill in the blank activity sheet. Not only do you value reflection for yourself, but you’ve built in opportunities for your students to also reflect on their learning ~ such a powerful strategy and tool for gathering assessment information.  That assessment not only informs you about student comprehension and next steps, it also informs you about your next steps as an educator.  What I enjoyed reading most, was the vast number of experiences which extended beyond the four walls of your classroom, as a result of using various technology applications.  Thanks so much for including the links. I hope that others take the opportunity to explore them and how they may impact learning in their classrooms for the upcoming school year.  I have yet to read, Pure Genius, so I’ll be interested in your take-away from that book.  Thanks so much for sharing your reflections with others!

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