Change is the end result of all true Learning



Three weeks ago, I officially started in my new position as Learning Supervisor.  It is a role which is providing me with new opportunities for new learning, daily and on many levels.   The portfolio is varied and the different teams which I get to interact with are tremendously talented.  One of those teams is our Instructional Coaches, which we spent the last two weeks with.   It was a time for us to build a sense of team,  co-construct our purpose statement and begin to explore the extensive ways in which we can support the professional learning needs of the elementary teachers within our school board.  I’ve been so impressed with our coaches’ desire to learn as much as they can about curriculum, technology, communication skills and the inner workings of Learning Support Services.

Ultimately our goal, as a team of Instructional coaches, is to support our teaching colleagues as they explore ways to improve student learning.  In order to improve, we need to look at ways to change how we are meeting the learning needs of our students.  In order to make informed changes we want to ensure that our teachers are immersed in their own learning.   It’s a rich cycle and one that is worth it!  Our time with our students is limited.  Let’s make the most of it.