BOOM…. History, the way it was meant to be taught!

PridePrejudice423x630         Day 3

In University, I majored in English. I loved the      Victorian Era, with Pride and Prejudice being  one of my favourites. Every time I watch, “You’ve Got Mail”, I begin to laugh as Tom Hanks’  character tries to impress Meg Ryan by making it through the first couple of chapters and then he challenges her with a reference to Mr. Darcy near the end of the movie.  My minor, however  was in History. I’m not sure why and my marks certainly reflected my lack of appreciation or  understanding of the importance in knowing World History.  To this day, I cannot match dates  to important world events. I always feel less than intelligent when conversation at social events turns to historical perspectives and as you can probably guess, when given the choice in Trivial Pursuit, I avoid the yellow pie piece every chance I get.

So, it was with some reservations that I attended the One Man Show ~ BOOM at the Grand Theatre last week, knowing that it was going to be a historical journey from 1945 – 1970.

But within minutes, I was drawn into the production and the historical importance of these events!  Rick Miller masterfully took three seemingly unrelated story lines and through music, powerful visuals and breath taking technological effects wove them into the most amazing history lesson.  old-magnifying-glass-word-history-13199603

It was once again a reminder about the power of story and personal connection to that story.  Miller took monumental events, such as the assassination of JFK, the Berlin Wall, the space race and Apartheid and he shared how they affected the lives of the characters in his story.

I wonder if History lessons in University had been taught that way, if I would have been more engaged?

Do you use the power of story to engage your students?


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