Letters from the Heart

Day 6


This evening our school board recognized several  staff and community members by bestowing the Award of Distinction upon them. It was a diverse group of students, custodians, volunteers, office managers, teachers, educational assistants and principals. Each nominee and recipient was selected based on their package of letters of support; selections of which provided the narrative for each person or group of people as they walked across the front of auditorium and shook the hands of the Director and the Trustees.  The committee did an outstanding job of weaving together portions of the 10 or so letters, (which would have made up the nomination package) into a cohesive, heartwarming tribute.  There were similar themes of dedication, innovation, commitment, caring, compassion and love for their job and yet each narrative was personalized and shared with such regard and respect.

I tip my hat to the composers of the letters. It takes skill and creativity to craft a meaningful letter, when you greatly admire someone and want to express why they deserve such an honour.

And what an incredible gift, each one of those nominees and recipients will be receiving as their package of letters is presented to them. We often talk about the power of words.  They have the ability to heal, to hurt, to calm, to enrage, to unite, to untie, to love and to deny.  For tonight’s honourees, the words within those letters will bring a range of emotions.

I wonder why we often wait for special occasions to use our words to uplift others.

When was the last time you crafted a letter to someone, sharing what a positive influence they’ve had on your life?


Come write with me…… or better yet, write to   someone who needs to know how much they  mean  to you!