One a Day

191vgo8sulvv5jpg For the next 31 days, I’ve set out on a personal challenge to write and publish “one post a  day for the month of May”. I have been inspired by @Dunlop_Sue who set and met her  goal to publish one post a day during the month of April. Sue is a Superintendent for the  Hamilton Wentworth School Board. I continue to be impressed with her dedication to  making her learning visible via her blog and her Twitter feed.  I figure if a busy  Superintendent can make a commitment to a daily post, then certainly I can do the same.

As I reflect on my current posting pattern, it is one where I try and publish at least 1 post per month and at times I’ve managed up to three posts, so this new goal will be a significant change for me.   I wonder if knowing that each day I will need to find something to write about, I will become more aware of those “notable” moments. I find that topics come easily as I surround myself with people who challenge my thinking. I wonder how my daily interactions will change?  I also wonder how and IF my writing will improve, change,evolve?   Writing is a skill and just like any other skill, the more you practice, the more you improve. And my final wondering is by increasing my output of posts, will I inspire others to make their thinking visible and take up the challenge of blogging?