Be Brave

Day 22

Be Brave….

images (3)This morning on the way into work I was in the mood for a little Sara Bareilles and so I listened to “Brave” a couple of times. My favourite line is,“I wonder what would happen If you say what you wanna say and let’s the words fall out?” which seems to fit well with my current blogging treadmill.  Over the past three weeks I have been uncensored as I share my thoughts, interactions and reflections in an effort to encourage others to do the same. I purposefully end each post with a question and an invitation to “Come write with me”.  I’ve been pleased with the comments on Facebook, Twitter and within the actual blog.  I’ve also been thrilled with those who have engaged in conversations with me about specific posts which resonated with them. I encourage comments because I am genuinely curious about what others think and their experiences.  I continue to learn so much from others.

We tend to throw around the phrase that “words have power”, but they only gain power and strength if, when effectively strung together, they create the conditions for others to think, to learn or to act.


Malala Yousafzai is one of the Brave Ones who did let  her words fall out and the result was life changing, not  only for her but for every life that has been impacted  because she would not be silenced. In an effort to silence  her, by shooting her while she was traveling home on a  school bus, the Taliban accomplished the exact opposite.

In her own words, “out of the silence came thousands of voices”.

My hope is that your words are not “kept on the inside, with no sunlight, because sometimes the shadow wins”.   If we want change, we need to be brave enough to share, to engage in conversation and face our fears.

What are you brave enough to share with others who deserve the gift of your thoughts?

Come write with me…..