I’ve just finished watching Drew Dudley’s Ted Talk , Leading with Lollipops and was inspired to share a few thoughts. Dudley reminds us how important we are to others. Each day we make the lives of others better by things that we say and things that we do.  As educators we have the opportunity to make the lives of our students better, to make the lives of our colleagues better and to make the lives of our entire school community better. 

 It’s amazing what a smile can do on a day that has been wrought with challenges ~ or an unexpected gift of a hot tea on a chilly day.

As teachers we have the opportunity each morning to greet our students and begin their day at school with a fresh start, regardless of the home life they have.  We have the opportunity during the day to inspire, encourage and motivate those around us.

 Ironically last week, I overhead a student, who was in the office say (although it was more of a yell), “Ms. X is the only teacher in this whole school who likes me”. He was talking about a teacher he had two years ago. That teacher was obviously handing out lollipops each and every day and she probably didn’t even realize the effect she had with that student.

“It’s frightening to think that we matter that much to each other” quotes Dudley and how true is that statement?   By embracing what Dudleyis saying, it forces us to choose our words and deeds carefully.

 What are the figurative lollipops that you pass out each day?