Please, Mr. Postman

In our ever changing, ever increasingly fast paced world, forms of communication continue to morph with each new form of technology. Gone are the days of waiting to use the phone because of party lines and waiting days for a mailed letter to arrive at it’s destination. Even fax machines seem slower than scanning a document and instantly emailing it. When we want to show our appreciation we send off a quick text message or an email. Don’t get me wrong, a sincere “G’Morning” text message can instantly put a smile on my face. I love opening my inbox and finding pleasantries from friends and colleagues. But the other day, I received a handwritten letter of “Thanks and appreciation” from a colleague. I was so thrilled. It is rare to receive anything other than bills or advertisements in the mail these days. The fact that he took the time to not only write the letter, but to mail it was all a part of the pleasure of receiving it.

My question is…..

Have we become so focussed on getting our message to the intended party in a timely manner, that we’ve forgotten that “how” we send the message can say just as much as the message itself?

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