A Rock in a River

Life isn't always easy

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every idea we had was immediately embraced by others, every word was explicitly understood and interpreted correctly and every plan of action was seamlessly implemented without hesitation or challenges? I don’t know about your world, but this rarely, if ever, happens within my world.  At times it seems as if obstacles are strategically placed to impede our progress.  A colleague needs clarification before agreeing to participate in an initiative, plans need to be reworded or reworked before receiving final approval or timelines need adjusting for a variety of reasons.

I will admit that occasionally I’ve looked upon those obstacles as “signs” that things were not meant to be or that my time and energy needed to be elsewhere, only to dig a bit deeper and ultimately develop a deeper appreciation for those obstacles as each one of them was an opportunity for growth and learning.

It has been through those additional conversations, where I have had to articulate an idea more thoroughly or provide more explicit explanations that I’ve developed a deeper understanding or a different perspective on my original idea.

It has been through those “road blocks” and timeline adjustments that I’ve been able to develop more creative ways of working through the process and more unique ways of meeting the end goal.

If it weren’t for those obstacles, my thinking would not have been pushed. I would have able to coast on autopilot and cruise to a known solution, which would not have been nearly as creative or unique.

Rocks placed in a running river don’t stop the water, they cause it to run faster and create additional movement.

imagesWhen obstacles are placed in our way, we don’t stop, we become resourceful and innovative and end up with a better product and ultimately embed ourselves in a powerful learning journey.

What obstacles have you overcome and what did you learn about yourself in the process?


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