I Am From

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to be asked to come and share a bit of my blogging life, as a part of a Reluctant Writer professional learning series that Annette Gilbert was facilitating with Intermediate teachers. In preparation for the interview-style presentation, I took some time to reread, reflect and reminisce on my past posts.  In doing so, it came to my attention that I had 198 submissions under my belt. So, with last week’s “The True Meaning of Leadership”, this becomes my 200th post.

Upon entering the presentation space for the Reluctant Writers session, Annette was finishing an activity with her participants which had them using the “I am From” framework as they exercised their writing muscles and created their own poems. I was immediately impressed with the flood of shared memories that certain phrases evoked from the educators.

So, in honour of my 200th post, I decided to explore the same framework and embed it in the Spirit of Christmases past.

I am From

I am from a musty smelling box of red glass ornaments, with a concave center glittered with silver

From red paper fold out bells and green plastic holly candle holders

I am from a bungalow with multi-coloured lights adorning the roof line

And a cardboard Santa and Frosty framing the sides of the fireplace

I am from a tree lot selected fresh smelling pine

Whose needles became drowned in sliver tinsel

I am from a ceramic Christmas tree with small green lights and plastic mistletoe hung in the front hall

From Saddler and Taylor

I am from Boodle bags filled with trinkets and treasures adorned with decorations that still stand the test of time and playing Silent Night on a new electronic organ

From games of Euchre, Rummy, Hearts and Shanghai

I am from Christmas Eve drives home from my grandparents, counting the number of houses with lights

From bread sauce and ricotta filled cannolis

I am from Mary’s Boy Child

From Boney M

I am from the animated Frosty the Snowman and the Grinch and the stop action animated Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ~ whose broadcast time was known weeks in advance and calendars were cleared to come together to enjoy the show and some popcorn.

I am from those moments of Christmases past, whose memories continue to warm my heart and remind me of the spirit of the holidays.

I would love to read your version of “I Am From”

Come write with me…