Back to the Beginning

This morning as I proudly donned my new SAC Crew T-shirt, it dawned on me that I was about to begin my 34th year as an educator with TVDSB and our 5th year as the Sir Arthur Currie School Community.   With all honesty, I’ll share that I was nervous about this morning.  With all of last week’s registrations and the multiple requests to change learning models, I was certain that the class lists that we finally generated on Friday afternoon were already “old news”.   We also knew that with our significant increase in population, we were about to welcome close to 900 students and their families and the morning drop off was going to be a challenge ~ to say the least.

And yet, the day began with a beautiful sunrise and no rain in site. My morning drive was accentuated with fun upbeat sounds of the ‘70s and our Currie Crew looked fabulous in our matching t-shirts.

There was a positive, fun buzz in the building as staff arrived early to get a parking spot….lol and to put the final touches on their classroom environments.

As families started to arrive at 8:30 am, long lines formed at each grade level table and staff started to greet families, distribute name tags and direct students to their home room educators.  Students were so happy to see each other and their educators.  As we approached 9:20 am, classes started to make their way inside and the first day of learning happened.   Excitement ensued throughout the day (not to mention a nasty bee sting) and by 4:00 pm, bus #7 safely pulled out of the parking and the day was done.

But not for me ~ by 4:25 pm, I was pulling into the Althouse College parking lot and making my way to room 1052 to meet my group of MTM students.   As we started with our introductions (yes, with photos…smile) I shared that exactly 36 years ago, I too was experiencing my very first day as a teacher candidate at Althouse College.  As I looked into the faces of these young, excited and somewhat nervous individuals, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh my goodness, if they only knew the amazing path that they are about to begin to embark upon!”   36 years ago, I would never have imagined that I’d be facilitating a class at Althouse 🙂

My hope is that these teacher candidates get the opportunity to work with a team like the SAC Crew ~ a team of educators who rise to any challenge, who put their students’ needs before their own and at the end of the day (even a day like today) are still buzzing with energy and smiles.

I’m excited to see what year 34, day 2 brings.

How was your first day?

Come write with me…..