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Day 28

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There have been many unintended outcomes of my “One  a day in the month of May” blog challenge and in  recognition of David Letterman’s recent exit from late  night TV, it seems appropriate to share them via a top ten list.


So here goes…

As a result of blogging once a day for the month of May:

Number 10 ~ I have gained a number of new followers on Twitter. Not that building my number of followers is important, but as soon as someone follows me, I check them out and if they seem interesting, I follow them back.  I’ve expanded the scope  my “following list”.

Number 9 ~A new member of our Learning Support Services team takes the time each morning to comment. I’m learning about her as an educator and what is relevant and important to her work.

Number 8 ~ I have gained an extreme respect for my colleagues who have taken the time to comment to various posts. So many of our educators effectively reflect on their practice.   I wish more of them wrote on a regular basis. I would love to learn more from them.

Number 7 ~ Following a conversation with our Director about a process we are using for reflection and forward planning for our team, I was able to send her two links to posts in which I highlighted the book that I used. She loved the posts and the book and is now going to buy it and use a similar process with the senior team.

Number 6 ~We now have a number of “new to blogging educators” within Thames Valley. I hope that they find it beneficial to their practice and continue to challenge themselves to post.

Number 5 ~ I have had conversations with other educators who have experienced similar challenges to the ones which I’ve chosen to highlight and they thanked me for my honesty. This is a great motivator for continuing to share.

Number 4 ~ Each day starts with a positive retweet, comment or favourite.

Number 3 ~ My family is now reading my posts and offering suggestions for future topics. Friends, not in education, are reading my posts and drawing connections to their lines of work.

Number 2 ~ I was able to meet my goal of posting once a day. I wish I had the same commitment to exercising once a day….smile!

And the number one unintended outcome of blogging once a day is….

 There is a now a running joke that if anything profound is shared at the board office then it is fair game for tomorrow’s post!

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride!

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