From Racing to Reflection

Day 23

We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience ~ John Dewey.  I love this quote and was reminded of its importance tonight as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed.

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As we race towards the finish line of this school year, the list of “must dos” never seems to get any shorter. Writing report cards, orchestrating graduations, facilitating class placement meetings, planning end of the year trips, creating supervision schedules, interviewing potential new staff members are just of the activities that we find ourselves involved with.  And it’s not like the rest of the world comes to a standstill so that we can complete those tasks.

One of the unique challenges in education is that even before the buds begin to make an appearance on the trees, we find ourselves in the midst of planning for days when the buds will be colourful leaves about to be dislodged by an autumn breeze.  We have one foot in next year and the other one is trying to balance everything that needs to get completed in the next 30 days.

So, in knowing how busy we are as we come to the end of another school year, where do we find the time to actually reflect on what the last year has taught us?

As teachers, what are some of the ways that you’ve involved your students in reflection?

As administrators, how do you acknowledge both the learning that your staff has been involved in throughout the year, as well as your own learning?

Do you share your reflections with your broader school community?


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One thought on “From Racing to Reflection

  1. Sue,

    Reflection for me often happens after the year is completed and I have some down time to really ponder the year. This Year however I must to be reflective as I complete the year due to the need for a summative report on my work. So I am deep in reflection on the events of my year and it is a bit bittersweet. Some amazing learning has taken place and changes to teacher practice have been noted. Students are identifying themselves as learners and feeling more a part of the classroom/school community. Progress is being made, but we still have a long way to go with supporting our FNMI students and families. I am sad to see my role end and hope that somehow the support will continue.

    I look forward to sharing my reflections and my learning from the year in my summative monograph presentation. I am in the process of determining the best way to present the “data” so that it is useful and accessible for those interested in reading it.


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