My Momma Told Me….

As I’ve shared before, I am a huge fan of Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.  Whether calming the country in the midst of a tragic shooting, successfully navigating the ongoing challenges of COVID-19 or celebrating her second term in office, she has led with positivity, grace and kindness.  As a young mother, who just happens to be Prime Minister, it didn’t surprise me in the least when she took to her Facebook Page to celebrate other moms on Mother’s Day.

With the ease of talking to the camera as if she was sitting across the kitchen table from the viewer, Ardern smiled and warmly recalled some of the advice that her own mother gave her, which was the theme of the video.   Ardern asked all members of her team to share the best piece of advice that their mum had given them.   The responses varied from the sentimental to the silly and everything in between:

Breath through your Nose

He who hesitates is always lost. Go out there and be Bold

Never go the front unless you’ve been at the back

Be good to your mother


What a wonderful way to celebrate moms and those who stepped up and took on the role of moms for so many children as they were growing up.   Advice comes in all shapes and sizes.  Some moms quietly counsel from the side lines, but you know that without a shadow of a doubt they’ve got your back, when needed. Some moms are quick to share their opinion, on almost any topic, whether requested or not! Yet, regardless of how those nuggets of wisdom are imparted, may we always know that they are shared with love and care. Our moms want the best for us.

As a mom, how do you impart advice to your children?

Come write with me…