President Purvis

Tonight, we witnessed the end of an era for TVDSB OPC.  Our illustrious President, Scott Purvis passed the torch onto the next President.   Scott has been an integral part of OPC for a number of years and most notably in the presidency (as either elect, current or past) for 5 years.  Although each year has had its challenges, the past two years which have been embroiled in job action from every union group and a global pandemic, have, by far, required the exceptional leadership of Scott, like no other time in our recent history.

To say that Scott has made himself available to all OPC members is an understatement. This man’s cell phone must be in constant “ring” mode. Over the years, he has continued to encourage us to reach out for advice, for input and for support.   Scott has made it his mission to ensure that the lines of communication between the senior team and the administrators in our system are authentic, transparent and action-oriented.  No one would ever accuse Scott of mincing his words or beating around the bush.  He speaks passionately and honestly when ensuring that administrators in our system are respected, appreciated and honoured for the work that they do.

Scott is also the first one to remind us to take care of ourselves and to spend time with our friends and family.   He is the type of leader/friend, who will shoot you a quick text as a check in.  On a few occasions when I’ve been more quiet than usual at a meeting, I’ve received a, “You Ok?” message.   He has the ability to sense when something is amiss and instead of ignoring it, he reaches out.  Friends like that are golden.  Leadership like that is invaluable.

We all watched with admiration and awe as Scott led his school community through the loss of their beloved Vice Principal and then effectively advocated for the “just right” new vice-principal.   We learned how to help a community mourn, celebrate and move forward.

His ability to build a community, heal a community and celebrate a community are legendary.

On behalf of each and every Thames Valley administrator, I want to thank Scott Purvis for being his genuine self ~ an educator who will step up and have the hard conversations, take on the tough issues, all the while never forgetting why we all do what we do!

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