Lighthouses, Bobby Orr and Gratitude

My day started as per usual, with my social media scroll and low and behold I was honoured to see the notification that Doug Peterson and Stephen Hurley were going to chat about one of my recent blog posts on their VoiceEd show this morning. I wondered which one of my “A Post A Day in the Month of May” posts had tweaked their interest.  I truly enjoyed listening to Doug and Stephen banter at the beginning of the radio broadcast about lighthouses and Bobby Orr ~ two of my favourite subjects. Long before I married into the name Bruyns, I was a Bobby Orr fan; and as a lover of the Bruce Peninsula, our photo albums are filled with pictures of both me as a child and our own children standing by one of many lighthouses.

Then came the moment of reveal as they shared that they had selected my post from May 7, a post in which I explored my reflections from our recent interview experiences.   As I listened to the discussion, there were so many times that I had wished I was sitting there with them.  I wanted to participate, ask questions, provide clarification, and learn more. They explored their own interview experiences and how they would have tackled the artefact component of the interview and how the interview process historically permitted teachers to be a part of the process.  I recall early on in my career being afforded that same opportunity ~ to sit in on interviews, not as someone who would approve or deny the candidate, but someone who could provide the candidate with an in the trenches response to questions about the school.

I loved their selections for the artefact prompt.  I can just envision Doug selecting some of his most memorable blog posts to share ~ although I can’t even begin to imagine how he would narrow them down, as so many of them are noteworthy.    And for Stephen, that visual of the headphones would generate so many avenues for a richer conversation.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t share that my stride was just a little more confident this morning after listening to these two educators, for whom I have the utmost respect, highlight my work, and share some very humbling compliments.  To be described as “the consummate learner” and finally “The Quintessential Sue Bruyns” is very humbling!

To Doug and Stephen, a huge shout out and thank you for your continued commitment to supporting the work of Ontario educators who plug away at blogs, hoping that they resonate with someone, somewhere.

Come write with me…. Who knows, Doug and Stephen may highlight your post one day!