Never Give Up on a Dream

Day 10
2015-05-09_2342 Today’s post is in honor of Mother’s Day and specifically  in honour of my mom. I’m not sure if my mom reads my  blog, but I know that my dad certainly does. When it was  originally connected to my school newsletter he would  be the first one to call and notice if it wasn’t published by  the first of the month.   So I’m hoping that he finds this  post, and shares it with my mom.

As I have shared in the previous posts, my mom grew up with the dream of being a Phys. Ed. teacher, but my arrival into the world ended that dream.

At a very early age, it was off to nursing school and then directly into the workforce to help support the family. My mom recently retired after an esteemed career which took her from nursing to an incredibly successful bakery owner and then back to the world of nursing and medical office management.

Throughout her career she set an amazing example of how to be a mom and a Nan and still have a passion for her career.  Her and my dad recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

As a result of her reputation in the world of medicine as an efficient office manager, she was asked to teach at Fanshawe this past January.

With grit, determination and persistence, she learned how to use the technology associated with the course, including the SMARTBoard, and she now seemlessly talks about Dropbox and online assessments.

During a recent conversation about her students, she turned and said, “Now I know why you do what you love and all of the challenges associated with it.”

It has taken 50 years but my mom is now a teacher. Not that she hasn’t been teaching me incredible life lessons throughout my life! What a great example of never giving up on one’s dream.

I am so immensely proud of her accomplishments and I never forget for a single second how fortunate I am to have her as such a powerful force in my life.

On days like today, my heart aches for friends, family members and extended family members who do not have their moms in their lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those moms who have made their dreams come true and who have supported the dreams of their children.


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