It Never Gets Old

It Never Gets Old

As I ventured into a Garden Center today, I heard a faint, “Mrs. Bruyns! Mrs. Bruyns”.   As I turned to see where the summoning was coming from, I was pleased to see two students from our school, sitting in the back seat of a vehicle, with their window rolled down. “Hi Mrs. Bruyns, it’s me”, the student excitedly shared as she pulled down her mask, so I could see her beaming smile.    Her dad chimed in with, “When she saw you, she said, I think that’s my principal”.  I was so delighted that not only did the student recognize me, but that her dad stopped the vehicle and reached out, to ensure that we connected. We quickly exchanged our shared reason for being at the Garden Center ~ flowers are always a popular choice as a Mother’s Day gift.  It was so lovely to see two our students.  As we are currently learning online, the school is a very lonely place and I miss them terribly.

Today was a wonderful reminder of how much it means to us, as educators, when students (current or former) take the time to stop and say, “Hi” when they see us in the community.   Those greetings never get old.

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