Spring Training 2022

As I flip the calendar to a new month, I am reminded of my past practice of crafting a post a day for the month of May and then suddenly my emotions range from excitement to responsibility to terror. Excitement, as I love the sense of accomplishment of setting a goal and reaching it; responsibility, as I have preached over the years about the power of professional reflection, the bravery of making one’s practice public and the importance of modeling the productive struggle of writing as a means of supporting our students as authors; and finally (and most predominantly) terror as I’m painfully aware that the cognitive muscles required to craft anything substantial are currently cowering in the corners of my incertitude mind.

So, here is to coaxing those muscles back into the game of personal and public reflection. I wonder if professional athletes go through the same range of emotions as they begin spring training. I have no doubt that what lies ahead in the upcoming days will be late nights staring at a blank screen ~  fearing the clock will strike midnight before the Publish button is selected,  shuffling multiple post-it notes as they clutter my desk with potential ideas, and spending time scouring through my multiple notebooks which I know are filled with asterisks beside the word “blog” in the margin as a reminder that at some point, I wanted to capture that moment and share it.

I also know, if history repeats itself, there will be a heightened sense of observation throughout my day, moments of reflection that I will undoubtedly untangle and dissect and rabbit holes of research to be discovered as I look for references, word choice and of course the “just right” visual. My social media feeds, television shows/movies and book consumption will shift to a more critical eye. My family is also certainly preparing themselves for the possibility that Sunday dinner conversations or childhood memories may trigger an idea and hence be woven into a post or two.

Time to flex those frontal and temporal lobes. Let the spring training begin. I wonder what the writer’s version of the Grapefruit/Cactus League might look like? Yes, I ventured down a rabbit-hole.

Do you have annual goals that you set for yourself? Would love to have you share.

Come write with me….