Educators as Superheroes

Some Superheroes don capes, some use elaborate disguises and some use infinity stones to alter time and space. They travel throughout the Galaxy with Gods and Goddesses as well amongst humans on Earth. They have taken an oath to protect others ~ most of the time at the expense of their own safety. Although their collective skills/strategies to defend good over evil are diverse, their main objective is the same.

They possess a heightened sense of intuition which allows them to predict danger and react accordingly. Individually, each superhero has proven themselves capable of “saving the day.”  And yet when the danger seems the most insurmountable, comic book creators have designed scenarios where it takes a team of Superheroes to conquer the ultimate villain.

This past Friday, we held a Superhero Day where staff and students came to school dressed as their favourite superhero.  Colourful comic book characters walked the hallways and played on the school yard. Staff, as per usual, got into the spirit of the day, as multi-coloured caps flowed up and down the staircases and into classes.

I could not help but wonder about the similarities between the Superheroes who save the world and a staff of dedicated educators:

  • We may not have Wonder Woman’s iconic Lasso of truth, but educators know how to get students (who may be reluctant) to take ownership for their poor choices and tell the truth.
  • We may not have Superman’s X-ray vision, but educators know how to find those all too often seemingly lost items in the classroom, in the bottom of backpacks and on the school yard.
  • We may not have Flash’s super speed, but educators know how to get to an injured child on the playground in the blink of an eye.
  • We may not have Captain America’s vibranium shield, but educators will use anything at their disposal to defend and protect their students.
  • We may not have Dr. Strange’s ability to see into the future, but educators possess the ability to alter, shape and define a student’s future with their commitment to ensuring that see the very best in each student.


And just like in the Comics, educators know that they have the greatest impact when they work as a team.

Here’s to our team of Super Educators.