It’s Never Just a Bike Seat

It would not be a Post a Day in the Month of May blog series without at least one article dedicated to the spring staffing season. Tonight, we had the pleasure of meeting 12 educators who are interested in joining our Sir Arthur Currie Crew.  Historically, we would welcome 12 educators on multiple nights, but with the recent “pause” on our registrations (after all a school can not exceed a 200% capacity) this staffing season we currently have only 2 positions to fill.

As per our usual “out of the box” approach candidates once again got the opportunity to select a photo and share its connection to teamwork and collaboration as their introductory question. We continue to be amazed and impressed with the divergent thinking that naturally flows from some candidates. The photo of the horses galloping along the beach continues to bring out some of the most unique responses. Tonight, it set the tone of the interview with some authentic laughter.

For our second question, we provided candidates with lead time to select and bring an artefact to share that either represents their passion for the Arts (for one of the positions) or their commitment to ensuring they are implementing the Learning for All document in their programming (for the other position). We were intrigued with a number of artefacts ~ from slide shows to awards to pictures to performances to a junggeum (Korean instrument).

One of the candidates, simply placed a bicycle seat on the table and then proceeded to connect each part of a bicycle to the essential components of a Learning For All environment.

The comfort of the seat from both a height and slope perspective as connected to creating a comfortable classroom environment
The gears as well-oiled curriculum expectations
The tires as allowing students to go at their own pace
Falling off a bike as a testament to perseverance
And finally the enjoyment of the ride.

What we love about this question is that it creates the conditions for the candidates to shine and through their personal explanations we avoid the deep dive into Edu jargon.

What are some of our most memorable interview experiences?

Come write with me….

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