May 2019 ~ Day 1

Well my loyal readers, it has been a while since we have connected.  Lately, I have been more focused on my consumption of content than on my own creation of content. So on the eve of May 1, I have decided to challenge myself to get back to the routine of intentional observation, meaningful reflection and ultimately content creation with the goal of publishing a post a day for the month of May.

Each day and on most days, several times a day, something “blog worthy” occurs as I walk the halls of Sir Arthur Currie, enter learning environments and interact with staff, students and community members.  My days are filled with rich, engaging, funny and thought-provoking conversations. All of which, if unpacked and explored contribute to my learning and provide material for blog posts.  Each morning, as I click on the magnifying glass on my Twitter feed and scroll through my selected search options, I read a variety of articles or view relevant graphics that deeply resonate with my current practice. I find myself wanting to deep digger and connect more purposefully on many of the topics within my morning Twitter travels.

Then, as my day progresses, interesting phrases or image-creating trios of descriptive words will pop into my mind for a fleeting moment, only to be replaced by yet another task needing to be completed and in that moment, the genesis of a blog post is lost ~ never to come to full fruition.

Our Library Learning Commons Educator continues to place new and exciting youth fiction books on my desk with at note stating, “Your next read” and I dutifully take them home and read them. However, I am not fully digesting the power of the message within these books as I am not sharing my reflections in writing.

My #oneword for 2019 was PRESENT.  I am looking forward to the upcoming month where I will have to be intentionally present as I commit to content creation.

If April showers bring May flowers, may the shower of ideas that have been percolating throughout the past month nourish and enrich the soil of my mind, so that I can create a garden of blooming blog posts for the month of May.

I invite my readers to take this journey with me. Make a commitment to publish something this month. Together let’s be content creators, not just content consumers.

Come write with me…