Boston for the Win!

JI have to admit that being a Boston Bruins fan in a town that has a divided loyalty between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings (along with a few Habs fans) usually means that I silently celebrate as they continue to move closer to a chance at this year’s Stanley Cup.  I had to laugh when a couple of weeks ago (as Boston and Toronto were battling it out in the quarterfinals) as I overhead a parent, who was picking us his son, ask our school secretary if it was true that the principal was a Bruins fan.  I quickly donned my Bruins cap (which is always close at hand) and emerged from the office.  A combination of surprise and laughter ensued as my first glimpse of the parent landed on his Toronto Maple Leafs cap.  The student nonchalantly turned to his dad and declared, “See! I told you so”.   I then proceeded to share my familiar line, which goes something like this ~ “When you marry a man with the last name  Bruyns, your fate as a Boston fan is pretty much sealed.  Add to that, I grew up in the seventies in a household where Hockey Night in Canada (complete with Peter Puck) was religiously enjoyed ~ especially when #4 Bobby Orr (who grew up right here in Ontario) was on the ice.

Every once in a while, my passion for Boston comes into play as I connect with staff and students.  Currently at Sir Arthur Currie, we have only 2 die hard Boston fans who have made their presence known ~ both girls. One of the girls is an outgoing, wild spirit who in involved in all walks of school life.  We banter openly about our love for all things Boston and every Jersey Day, she finds me and we capture the moment with a twin photo.   We high-five in the hallway after each win. The other student is very quiet, shy and reserved.  A few weeks ago, I found two Boston hockey trading cards on my desk ~ no note, just waiting there for when I arrived.  Later that week, when I was on the yard, she shyly walked up and whispered, “Did you find the cards?”  Now, each day, she finds a way for our paths to cross and we exchange a knowing smile and a silent cheer as our team continues to win and advance forward.

One can never underestimate the power of discovering a way to connect with students who may otherwise stay in the background.   I love how our staff at SAC find ways every day to go above and beyond to connect with our students.

As a footnote to this post, this morning the staff received a message on our Group Outlook site from one of our newest crew members, who will be joining us in the fall.  He included a “ PS Are there any other Bruins fans still interested in playoff hockey?” at the end of his note.

I took that opportunity to post this selfie….

Tonight’s game just finished and our team is now only one win away from the heading to the Stanley Cup finals.  I cannot wait to find my kindred spirits tomorrow and share a high-five with one of them and a sideways knowingly smile with the other.

What are some ways that you share your interests with your students?

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