The most deserving Caring Adult

  1. When you think of the adults in an elementary student’s life who they would identify as their Social Supports/Caring Adults, your list would probably include their home room teacher, maybe a Learning Support Teacher or a favourite specialty teacher. Occasionally, even administrators might make the list.  But today, we had a student identify someone who should undoubtedly be included on every one’s list.

As our grade 8 SAC Coyotes were working on their Individual Student Learning Profiles in preparation for their upcoming transition to secondary school, our Guidance Lead was printing them from the photocopier when she noticed that one of the students had listed our school’s lead secretary as his “Caring Adult”.

As you can imagine, our kind, caring, wonderful, Joanne Schinkel, was extremely touched by being included within this student’s profile. She called today, “One of the best days ever, as a school secretary”.

As an office helper, this student gets the opportunity to have conversations with Joanne on a regular basis as he helps with band-aids and ice packs and the occasional walkie-talkie signal to our custodial team.  But he also gets to witness the magic that happens every day in our welcoming front office.

Joanne epitomizes what it means to be a caring adult for ALL of our students.  She is the one who greets them each morning with a “Glad you’re here” smile.  She patiently listens to the school yard stories of bumps and bruises and the exciting tales of first teeth that have finally fallen out.  I’m sure that she must have her medical certificate as she effectively identifies the difference between a sore stomach syndrome and an academic avoidance aliment.

And it’s not only the students who benefit from her kindness ~ every guest teacher is warmly greeted by Joanne as they sign in.  She sets them up for success even before the first bell rings.  Her support for our family members extends beyond the warmth of her smile as she effectively helps them navigate their way through registrations, CashOnline, field trip forms, police checks, lunches, extra clothes, appointments etc.

And as for our staff ~ we all LOVE her, APPRECIATE her, RESPECT her and can’t
imagine life at SAC without her !

Thanks to the one student who recognized and publicly included Joanne’s name on his Learning Profile.

Sometimes it’s those who are most deserving, who are most often overlooked.

Who would you identify as a Caring individual in your life?

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