Adjust the Tuning

Carly Simon is one of my all-time favourite songwriter/performers. No one pens a song about empowering women or the natural ebbs and flow of relationships like her.  Long before Taylor Swift became known for penning songs about former boyfriends, Carly wrote the most recognizable song of all time about a former lover ~ You’re so Vain.  To this day, people continue to wonder whom it was about, all the while being able to relate to many of their own past experiences and conjure up pictures of past relationships.

Another one of her songs that has provided me with inspiration at various points in my life over the past several years is, The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of. The first four lines are a powerful invitation and one that resonates with me on so many levels.


Take a look around now
Change the direction
Adjust the tuning
Try a new translation

As we enter the final two months of this school year, it would be so easy to fall into the trap of “Checklist” leadership. Let’s just get it done ~ create a “to do” list and check away!  But I can’t help but wonder what it will look like if I adjust our tuning, as Carly invites us to do and think in terms of not a “to do” list, but to a “to experience list”.

My list, like so many of my readers’ lists seems endless right now and yes by June 27th we have a number of tasks that must be completed.  However, as I work my through each day, my goal is to intentionally remember that many of my “to do” tasks are an opportunity for an experience. Here are a couple of opportunities that lay ahead for me this week:


To Do To Experience
Complete Round one Interviews Experience the excitement of having dedicated time to listen and learn from educators who are excited about joining our SAC Crew.

Experience our learning as we create new questions and provocations and see if they provide us with the information that we’ll need to make some very challenging decisions.

Kindergarten Open House Experience the thrill of watching families as they take their first step on their child’s educational journey.  I wonder about the conversations that are happening as families prepare to come and meet us.

Experience the conversations that the K team will have following the Open House and use our observations to make the best possible decisions around class placements for the upcoming school year.

Experience the laughter and giggles that will undoubtedly erupt as we, once again, don our aprons and perform The Very Hungry Caterpillar for another audience.

What are some things on your “to do” list that if you try a new translation or change the direction can be more of an experience than a task that just needs to be done?

Come write with me….

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